Spare part dispatch for 50-1600 ccm motorcycles and scooters.
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Manufacturers: CCM: modelname 1 modelname 2 Type/Y.-Code year
Adly50303R 2T2000-
Adly50Air Tec 2T AC
Adly50Air TecSSII LC2009
Adly50Air TecSSII LC2010
Adly50Air TecSSII LC2011
Adly50AkrosTEC 2T2000-
Adly50Buffalo Thunder Bird 
Adly50Cat 2T1997
Adly50Cat 2T1998
Adly50Cat 2T1999
Adly50Cat 2T2000
Adly50Cat 2T2001
Adly50Cat 2T2002
Adly50Citybird 2T1997
Adly50Citybird 2T1998
Adly50Fox 2T1999
Adly50Fox 2T2000
Adly50Fox 2T2001
Adly50G-Shock 2T2000-
Adly50GTABlizzard 2T AC2010
Adly50GTABlizzard 2T AC2011
Adly50GTABlizzard 2T AC2012
Adly50GTABlizzard 2T AC2013
Adly50GTABlizzard 2T AC2014
Adly50GTABlizzard Black 2T AC2015
Adly50GTABlizzard Lady 2T AC2015
Adly50GTABlizzard Racing 2T AC2015
Adly50HerkulesVanguard 2012
Adly50HerkulesVanguard 2013
Adly50HerkulesVanguard 2014
Adly50Hi Wheel 2T2000-
Adly50Jet 2T1996
Adly50Jet 2T1997
Adly50Jet 2T1998
Adly50Jet 2T1999
Adly50Jet 2T2000
Adly50Jet 2T2001
Adly50Jet 2T2002
Adly50JJ50QT-17Herkules Matador PR5S 2011
Adly50JJ50QT-17Herkules Matador PR5S 2012
Adly50JJ50QT-17Herkules Matador PR5S 2013
Adly50Noble 2T AC
Adly50Panther 2T AC2002
Adly50Panther 2T AC2003
Adly50Panther 2T AC2006
Adly50Panther 2T AC2007
Adly50Panther 2T AC2008
Adly50Panther 2T AC2009
Adly50Panther 2T AC2010
Adly50Pista 2T1997
Adly50Pista 2T1998
Adly50Pista 2T1999
Adly50PredatorTB 2T1997-
Adly50Rapido 1999
Adly50Rapido 2000
Adly50Rapido 2001
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2002
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2003
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2004
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2005
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2006
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2007
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2008
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2009
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2010
Adly50Road Tracer 2T2011
Adly50RT 2002-
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2000
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2001
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2002
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2003
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2004
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2005
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2006
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2007
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2008
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2009
Adly50Silver Fox 2T AC Minarelli Motor2010
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2000
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2001
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2002
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2003
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2004
Adly50Super SonicRS XXL 2T2005
Adly50SupercrossXXL 2T
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2002
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2003
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2004
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2005
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2006
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2007
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2008
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2009
Adly50Thunder Bike 2T AC Minarelli Motor2010
Adly70Thunder Bike 2T2001-
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2002
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2003
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2004
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2005
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2006
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2007
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2008
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2009
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2010
Adly90Road Tracer 4T2011
Adly100ATV V2004
Adly100ATV V2005
Adly100Cat 2001
Adly100Cat 2002
Adly100G-Shock 2T2000-
Adly100Jet 2T1997-
Adly100JetX1 2T1997-
Adly100PredatorTB 2T1997-
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2002
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2003
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2004
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2005
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2006
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2007
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2008
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2009
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2010
Adly100Road Tracer 2T2011
Adly100Silver Fox 2T2000-
Adly100Super Sonic 2T2001-
Adly100Thunder Bike 2T2001-
Adly125303R 4T2000-
Adly125Activator 4T1998-
Adly125Air TechSuper Sonic 2009
Adly125Air TechSuper Sonic 2010
Adly125Buffalo Thunder Bird 
Adly125CatB 4T1997
Adly125CatD 4T1997
Adly125CatS 4T1997
Adly125CatB 4T1998
Adly125CatD 4T1998
Adly125CatS 4T1998
Adly125CatB 4T1999
Adly125CatD 4T1999
Adly125CatS 4T1999
Adly125Cat 2000
Adly125Cat 2001
Adly125Cat 2002
Adly125FTS 4T2001-
Adly125HerkulesVanguard 2012
Adly125Herkules Mirage/VirtualityJJ125T-13 2011
Adly125Herkules Mirage/VirtualityJJ125T-13 2012
Adly125Noble 2006
Adly125Noble 2007
Adly125Noble 2008
Adly125Noble 2009
Adly125Noble 2010
Adly125Super Sonic 4T2001
Adly125Super Sonic 4T2002
Adly125Thunder Bike 4T2002
Adly125Thunder Bike 4T2003
Adly125Thunder Bike 4T2004
Adly125Thunder Bike 4T2005
Adly125Thunder Bike 4T2006
Adly150ATVSport 2004
Adly150ATVCrossover 2005
Adly150ATVInterceptor 2005
Adly150ATVSport 2005
Adly150ATV 2006
Adly150ATVCrossover 2006
Adly150ATVCrossroad 2006
Adly150ATVInterceptor 2006
Adly150ATVSport 2006
Adly150ATV 2007
Adly150ATVCrossover 2007
Adly150ATVCrossroad 2007
Adly150ATVSport 2007
Adly150ATV 2008
Adly150ATVCrossover 2008
Adly150ATVCrossroad 2008
Adly150ATVSport 2008
Adly150ATV 2009
Adly150ATVCrossover 2009
Adly150ATVCrossroad 2009
Adly150ATVSport 2009
Adly150ATVCrossroad 2010
Adly150ATVCrosstoad 2010
Adly220Croosroad Sentinel 
Adly280CanyonATV 2007
Adly280CanyonATV 2008
Adly280CanyonATV 2009
Adly280HuricaneATV 2008
Adly280HurricaneATV 2007
Adly300ATVCrossover 2005
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2005
Adly300ATVCrossover 2006
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2006
Adly300ATVCrossover 2007
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2007
Adly300ATVInterceptor 2007
Adly300ATVSport 2007
Adly300ATVCrossover 2008
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2008
Adly300ATVInterceptor 2008
Adly300ATVSport 2008
Adly300ATVCrossover 2009
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2009
Adly300ATVInterceptor 2009
Adly300ATVSport 2009
Adly300ATVCrossroad 2010
Adly300Hurricane 2007
Adly300Hurricane 2008
Adly320CanyonATV 2007
Adly320CanyonATV 2008
Adly320HurricaneATV 2007
Adly320HurricaneATV 2008
Adly320S 2007
Adly320S 2008
Adly320S 2009
Adly320U 2007
Adly320U 2008
Adly320U 2009
Adly400HurricaneATV 2013
Adly400HurricaneATV 2014
Adly500S 2008
Adly500S 2009
Aeon50Aero 2006
Aeon50Aero 2007
Aeon50Aero 2008
Aeon50Aero 2009
Aeon50Cobra 2000
Aeon50Cobra 2001
Aeon50Cobra 2002
Aeon50Cobra 2003
Aeon50Cobra 2004
Aeon50Minikolt 2000
Aeon50Minikolt 2001
Aeon50Minikolt 2002
Aeon50Minikolt 2003
Aeon50Minikolt 2004
Aeon50Nox 2006
Aeon50Nox 2007
Aeon50Nox 2008
Aeon50Nox 2009
Aeon50Regal 2006
Aeon50Regal 2007
Aeon50Regal 2008
Aeon50Regal 2009
Aeon50Revo 2000
Aeon50Revo 2001
Aeon50Revo 2002
Aeon50Revo 2003
Aeon50Revo 2004
Aeon50Torch 2006
Aeon50Torch 2007
Aeon50Torch 2008
Aeon50Torch 2009
Aeon55Aero 2008
Aeon100Cobra 2000
Aeon100Cobra 2001
Aeon100Cobra 2002
Aeon100Cobra 2003
Aeon100Cobra 2004
Aeon100Nox 2006
Aeon100Nox 2007
Aeon100Nox 2008
Aeon100Nox 2009
Aeon100Pulsar 2006
Aeon100Pulsar 2007
Aeon100Pulsar 2008
Aeon100Pulsar 2009
Aeon100Revo 2000
Aeon100Revo 2001
Aeon100Revo 2002
Aeon100Revo 2003
Aeon100Revo 2004
Aeon125Co-in 2014
Aeon125Co-in 2015
Aeon125Cobra RSII2000
Aeon125CobraSport RS2000
Aeon125Cobra RSII2001
Aeon125CobraSport RS2001
Aeon125Cobra RSII2002
Aeon125CobraSport RS2002
Aeon125CobraUtility 2002
Aeon125Cobra RSII2003
Aeon125CobraSport RS2003
Aeon125CobraUtility 2003
Aeon125Cobra RSII2004
Aeon125CobraSport RS2004
Aeon125CobraUtility 2004
Aeon125CobraSport RS2005
Aeon125CobraUtility 2005
Aeon125CobraSport RS2006
Aeon125Elite i 2012
Aeon125Elite i 2013
Aeon125Nox 2006
Aeon125Nox 2007
Aeon125Nox 2008
Aeon125Nox 2009
Aeon125Overland 2002
Aeon125Overland 2003
Aeon125Overland 2004
Aeon125Overland 2005
Aeon125Overland 2006
Aeon125Overland 2007
Aeon125Overland 2008
Aeon125Overland 2009
Aeon125Overland 2010
Aeon125Pulsar 2005
Aeon125Pulsar 2006
Aeon125Pulsar 2007
Aeon125Pulsar 2008
Aeon125Pulsar 2009
Aeon125Urban I 2011
Aeon125Urban I 2012
Aeon125Urban I 2013
Aeon125Urban I 2014
Aeon125Öz 2014
Aeon125Öz 2015
Aeon150Nox 2006-
Aeon150Nox 2007
Aeon150Nox 2008
Aeon150Nox 2009
Aeon150Pulsar 2006
Aeon150Pulsar 2007
Aeon150Pulsar 2008
Aeon150Pulsar 2009
Aeon180Cobra RSII2000
Aeon180CobraSport RS2000
Aeon180CobraUtility 2000
Aeon180Cobra RSII2001
Aeon180CobraSport RS2001
Aeon180CobraUtility 2001
Aeon180Cobra RSII2002
Aeon180CobraSport RS2002
Aeon180CobraUtility 2002
Aeon180Cobra RSII2003
Aeon180CobraSport RS2003
Aeon180CobraUtility 2003
Aeon180Cobra RSII2004
Aeon180CobraSport RS2004
Aeon180CobraUtility 2004
Aeon180Cobra RSII2005
Aeon180CobraUtility 2005
Aeon180Cobra RSII2006
Aeon180CobraUtility 2006
Aeon180Cobra RSII2007
Aeon180CobraUtility 2007
Aeon180Cobra RSII2008
Aeon180CobraUtility 2008
Aeon180LG 2005
Aeon180Overland 2000
Aeon180Overland 2001
Aeon180Overland 2002
Aeon180Overland 2003
Aeon180Overland 2004
Aeon180Overland 2005
Aeon180Overland 2006
Aeon180Overland 2007
Aeon180Overland 2008
Aeon180Overland 2009
Aeon180Overland 2010
Aeon190Overland 2007
Aeon190Overland 2008
Aeon190Overland 2009
Aeon200Elite I 2011
Aeon200Elite I 2012
Aeon200Two Hundred 2006
Aeon200Two Hundred 2007
Aeon200Two Hundred 2008
Aeon200Two Hundred 2009
Aeon220Cobra 2005
Aeon220Cobra 2006
Aeon220Cobra 2007
Aeon220Cobra 2008
Aeon220Cobra 2009
Aeon220Cobra 2010
Aeon220Cobra 2011
Aeon220Cobra 2012
Aeon300Overland 2006
Aeon300Overland 2007
Aeon300Overland 2008
Aeon300Overland 2009
Aeon320CobraATV 2008
Aeon320CobraATV 2009
Aeon350CobraATV 2009
Aeon350CobraATV 2010
Aeon350CrosslandATV 2011
Aeon350CrosslandATV 2012
Aeon350Elite I 2012
Aeon350Elite I 2013
Aeon350Urban I 2011
Aeon350Urban I 2012
Aeon400CobraATV 2010
Aeon400CobraATV 2011
Aeon400CrosslandATV 2012
Aeon400CrosslandATV 2013
Aeon600OverlandATV 2011
Aeon600OverlandATV 2012
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2005
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2005
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2006
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2006
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2007
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2007
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2008
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2008
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2009
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2009
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2010
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2010
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2011
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2011
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2012
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2012
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2013
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2013
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2014
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2014
AGM50GMX 450One 4T AC2015
AGM50GMX 450Sport 4T AC2015
AGM50GMX 550One 4T AC2012
AGM50GMX 550One 4T AC2013
AGM50GMX 550One 4T AC2014
AGM50GMX 550One 4T AC2015
AGM50YY50QT-27Firejet 2T
AGM50YY50QT-6AGMX 450 4T AC2011
AGM50YY50QT-6AGMX 450 4T AC2012
AGM50YY50QT-6AGMX 450 4T AC2013
AGM50YY50QT-6AGMX 450 4T AC2014
AGM50YY50QT-6AGMX 450 4T AC2015
AGM50YY50QT-6A(A)GMX 550 4T AC2012
AGM50YY50QT-6A(A)GMX 550 4T AC2013
AGM50YY50QT-6A(A)GMX 550 4T AC2014
AGM50YY50QT-6A(A)GMX 550 4T AC2015
Ajes500Monocilindrica 4T
Alfer80MC 1987-
Alfer125MC 1988-
Alfer125VRE 4-stroke 2000
Alfer125VRE 4-Stroke 2001
Alfer125VRE 4-Stroke 2002
Alfer125VRE 4-Stroke 2003
Alfer125VRE 4-Stroke 2004
Alfer250AR 2000
Alfer250AR 2001
Alfer250AR 2002
Alfer250AR 2003
Alfer250AR 2004
Alfer250AR 2005
Alfer250AR 2006
Alfer250GR Enduro 1988-
Alfer250MC 1988-
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2000
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2001
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2002
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2003
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2004
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2005
Alfer250NO Limits 250 2006
Alfer250VR 2000-2006
Alfer250VRSX 2000-2006
Alfer300GR Enduro 1988-
Alpino483 Speed F 2T
Alpino48C.F. 2T
Alpino48E.M. 2T
Alpino48R 2T
Alpino63 2T
Alpino75 2T
Alpino125 2T
American-Sundiro50Ridge Runner 
American-Sundiro50Sun Ray 
American-Sundiro90Ridge Runner 
American-Sundiro90Sun Ray 
Apollo50Classic GI1990
Aprilia50AF1 1986
Aprilia50AF1 1987
Aprilia50AF1 1988
Aprilia50AF1Replica 1988
Aprilia50AF1Sintesi 1988
Aprilia50AF1 1989
Aprilia50AF1Futura 1989
Aprilia50AF1Replica 1989
Aprilia50AF1 1990
Aprilia50AF1Europa 1990
Aprilia50AF1Futura 1990
Aprilia50AF1Replica 1990
Aprilia50AF1 1991
Aprilia50AF1Europa 1991
Aprilia50AF1Futura 1991
Aprilia50AF1 1992
Aprilia50AF1Europa 1992
Aprilia50AF1Futura 1992
Aprilia50AF1Replica 1992
Aprilia50AF1Replica 1993
Aprilia50Amico 1990
Aprilia50Amico 1991
Aprilia50Amico 1992
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1992
Aprilia50AmicoLX 2T ACGC1992
Aprilia50AmicoSport 2T ACGC1992
Aprilia50Amico 1993
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1993
Aprilia50AmicoLX 2T ACGC1993
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1994
Aprilia50AmicoLX 2T ACGC1994
Aprilia50AmicoSport 2T ACGC1994
Aprilia50Amico 2T AC1995
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1995
Aprilia50AmicoLX 2T ACGC1995
Aprilia50AmicoSport 2T ACGC1995
Aprilia50Amico 2T AC1996
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1996
Aprilia50AmicoLX 2T ACGC1996
Aprilia50AmicoMK 2T ACMK1996
Aprilia50AmicoSport 2T ACGC1996
Aprilia50Amico 2T AC1997
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1997
Aprilia50AmicoMK 2T ACMK1997
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1998
Aprilia50AmicoGL 2T ACHU1999
Aprilia50Area 51 2T LCMY1998
Aprilia50Area 51 2T LCMY1999
Aprilia50Area 51 2T LCMY2000
Aprilia50Area 51Kat LC2000
Aprilia50Area 51SBK 2T LCMY2000
Aprilia50Area 51 2T LCMY2001
Aprilia50Area 51Kat LC2001
Aprilia50Area 51SBK 2T LCMY2001
Aprilia50Area 51 2T LCMY2002
Aprilia50Area 51Kat LC2002
Aprilia50Area 51SBK 2T LCMY2002
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCGI1991
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCGI1992
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCGI1993
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1994
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1995
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1996
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1997
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1998
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP1999
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP2000
Aprilia50Classic 2T LCLP2001
Aprilia50CompayCustom 2T AC2009
Aprilia50CompayCustom 2T AC2010
Aprilia50CompayCustom 2T AC2011
Aprilia50CompayCustom 2T AC2012
Aprilia50CompayCustom 2T AC2013
Aprilia50ETFire 1987
Aprilia50ETFire 1988
Aprilia50ET 50Tuareg 1982
Aprilia50ET 50Tuareg 1983
Aprilia50ET 50Tuareg 1984
Aprilia50ET 50Tuareg 1985
Aprilia50ET 50Tuareg 1995
Aprilia50ETXTuareg 1986
Aprilia50ETXTuareg 1987
Aprilia50ETXTuareg 1988
Aprilia50ETXTuareg 1989
Aprilia50ETXTuareg 1990
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH021994
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH0001995
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH1996
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T LCLH1996
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH0001997
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T LCLH1997
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH0001998
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T LCLH1998
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T ACLH0001999
Aprilia50Gulliver 2T LCLH1999
Aprilia50Habana PK0001999
Aprilia50HabanaCustom PKD101999
Aprilia50HabanaRetro PKD001999
Aprilia50HabanaCustom PKE102000
Aprilia50HabanaRetro PKD002000
Aprilia50HabanaCustom PKE102001
Aprilia50HabanaRetro PKD002001
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoCustom PKE102002
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoRetro PKD002002
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoCustom PKE102003
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoRetro PKD002003
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoCustom PKE102004
Aprilia50Habana/MojitoRetro PKD002004
Aprilia50MojitoCustom PK1999
Aprilia50MojitoCustom PK2000
Aprilia50MojitoCustom PK2001
Aprilia50MojitoCustom PK2002
Aprilia50MojitoCustom PK2003
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002004
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002005
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002006
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002007
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002008
Aprilia50MojitoCustom 2T ACTFA002009
Aprilia50Mojito 2010
Aprilia50Mojito/Habana 2T ACPK2000
Aprilia50Mojito/Habana 2T ACPK2001
Aprilia50Mojito/HabanaCustom 2T ACPK2003
Aprilia50Mojito/HabanaCustom 2T ACPK2004
Aprilia50Mojito/HabanaCustom 2T ACPK2005
Aprilia50Mojito/HabanaCustom 2T ACPK2006
Aprilia50MX 2T LC1982
Aprilia50MX 2T LC1983
Aprilia50MX 2T LC1992
Aprilia50MX 2T LC1993
Aprilia50MX 2T LC1994
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2001
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2002
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LCSTC002003
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LCSTC002004
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2005
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2006
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2007
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2008
Aprilia50MXSuper Moto 2T LC2009
Aprilia50Pegaso 1992
Aprilia50Pegaso 1993
Aprilia50Pegaso 1994
Aprilia50Pegaso 1995
Aprilia50Pegaso 1996
Aprilia50Pegaso 2000
Aprilia50Pegaso 2001
Aprilia50Pegaso 2002
Aprilia50Quasar 2002
Aprilia50Quasar 2003
Aprilia50Quasar 2004
Aprilia50Quasar 2005
Aprilia50Quasar 2006
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD011995
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD011996
Aprilia50Rally 2T LCMD1996
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD011997
Aprilia50Rally 2T LCMD1997
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD011998
Aprilia50Rally 2T LCMD1998
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD011999
Aprilia50Rally 2T LCMD1999
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD012000
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD012001
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD012002
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD012003
Aprilia50Rally 2T ACMD012004
Aprilia50RC 1979
Aprilia50RC 1980
Aprilia50RC 1981
Aprilia50RC 1982
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LC1987
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LCGI1988
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LCGI1989
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LCGI1990
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LCGI1991
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LCGI1992
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LC1993
Aprilia50Red Rose 2T LC1994
Aprilia50RS HP1990
Aprilia50RS HP1991
Aprilia50RS HP1992
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP1993
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP/LM1994
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP/MM0001995
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP/MM0001996
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP/MM0001997
Aprilia50RS 2T LCHP/MM0001998
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPG0001999
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPG0002000
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPG0002001
Aprilia50RS 2T LCSE00/TS2002
Aprilia50RS 2T LCSE00/TS2003
Aprilia50RS 2T LCSE00/TS2004
Aprilia50RS 2T LCSE00/TS2005
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002006
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002007
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002008
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002009
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002010
Aprilia50RS 2T LCPL0002011
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2011
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2012
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2013
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2014
Aprilia50RS-4Replica 2T LCVX2014
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2015
Aprilia50RS-4Replica 2T LCVX2015
Aprilia50RS-4 2T LCTK2016
Aprilia50RS-4Replica 2T LCVX2016
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2011
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2012
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2013
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2014
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2015
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2016
Aprilia50RS4 TK/VX2017
Aprilia50RX 2T LCEZ1989
Aprilia50RX 2T LCEZ1990
Aprilia50RX 2T LCFZ1991
Aprilia50RX 2T LCHB1992
Aprilia50RX 2T LCHB1993
Aprilia50RX 2T LCLR1994
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU001995
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU001996
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU001997
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU001998
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU001999
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU002000
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU002001
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU002002
Aprilia50RX 2T LCMU002003
Aprilia50RX 2T LCSTA002003
Aprilia50RXRacing 2T LCSTC002003
Aprilia50RX 2T LCSTA002004
Aprilia50RXRacing 2T LCSTC002004
Aprilia50RX 2T LCSTC002005
Aprilia50RXRacing 2T LCSTC002005
Aprilia50RXRacing 2T LCSTC002006
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPV0002007
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPV0002008
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPVB002009
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPVB002010
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPVG012011
Aprilia50RX 2T LCPVG012012
Aprilia50RX 2T LC2013
Aprilia50RX 2T LC2014
Aprilia50RX 2T LC2015
Aprilia50RX 2T LC2016
Aprilia50ScarabeoDD 2T ACHS1993
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACLE1993
Aprilia50ScarabeoDD 2T ACHS1994
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACLE1994
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACMS1995
Aprilia50ScarabeoDD 2T ACHS1995
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACLE1995
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACMS1996
Aprilia50ScarabeoDD 2T ACHS1996
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACLE1996
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACMS1997
Aprilia50ScarabeoDD 2T ACHS1997
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACLE1997
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPF01998
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACPF01998
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPF0/PFG1999
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACPF01999
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02000
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACPF02000
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02001
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02001
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACPFG2001
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02002
Aprilia50Scarabeo 4TTG0002002
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02002
Aprilia50ScarabeoDT 2T ACPFG2002
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02003
Aprilia50Scarabeo 4TTG0002003
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02003
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02004
Aprilia50Scarabeo 4TTG0002004
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02004
Aprilia50Scarabeo 2T ACPFG/TH02005
Aprilia50Scarabeo 4TTG0002005
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02005
Aprilia50ScarabeoQuattro 4TTGE002005
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet 2TTHE002005
Aprilia50Scarabeo 4TTG0002006
Aprilia50ScarabeoDitech 2TSCA02006
Aprilia50ScarabeoRestyling EU3 4TTGA00/TGB002006
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet 2TTHE002006
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet Restyling 2TTHG002006
Aprilia50ScarabeoRestyling EU3 4TTGA00/TGB002007
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet Restyling 2TTHG002007
Aprilia50ScarabeoRestyling EU3 4TTGA00/TGB002008
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet Restyling 2TTHG002008
Aprilia50Scarabeo4V 4TTGE002009
Aprilia50ScarabeoNet 2TTHG002009
Aprilia50ScarabeoQuattro 4TTGE002009
Aprilia50ScarabeoRestyling EU3 4TTGA00/TGB002009
Aprilia50ScarabeoStreet Restyling 2TTHG002009
Aprilia50Scarabeo4V 4TTGE002010
Aprilia50ScarabeoEU2 (Piaggio Motor) 2TTHG002010
Aprilia50ScarabeoNet 2TTHG002010
Aprilia50Scarabeo4V 4TTGE002011
Aprilia50ScarabeoEU2 (Piaggio Motor) 2TTHG002011
Aprilia50Scarabeo4V 4TTGE002012
Aprilia50ScarabeoEU2 (Piaggio Motor) 2TTHG002012
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB1998
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB1998
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB1999
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB1999
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2000
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2000
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2001
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2001
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2002
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2002
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2003
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2003
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2004
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2004
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2005
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2005
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2006
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2006
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2007
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2007
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2008
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2008
Aprilia50Sonic 2T ACPB2009
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2009
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCPB2010
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCTLA002011
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCTLA002012
Aprilia50SonicGP 2T LCTLA002013
Aprilia50SportcityOne 2TSBA002008
Aprilia50SportcityOne 4TSB0002008
Aprilia50SportcityOne 2TSBA002009
Aprilia50SportcityOne 4TSB0002009
Aprilia50SportcityOne 2TSBA002010
Aprilia50SportcityOne 4TSB0002010
Aprilia50SportcityOne 2TSBA002011
Aprilia50SportcityOne 4TSB0002011
Aprilia50SportcityOne 2TSBA002012
Aprilia50SportcityOne 4TSB0002012
Aprilia50SR(mot.Piaggio) Vergaser 2T LC
Aprilia50SRVertikaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLB/GP1992
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1993
Aprilia50SRReplica - Vertikaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLB/GP1993
Aprilia50SRUrban Kid - Vertikaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLB/GP1993
Aprilia50SRViper - Vertikaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLB/GP1993
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1994
Aprilia50SRHorizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1994
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1994
Aprilia50SRReplica - Vertikaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLB/GP1994
Aprilia50SRReplica Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LC1994
Aprilia50SRUrban Kid - Horizontaler Zylinder -Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1994
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1995
Aprilia50SRHorizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1995
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1995
Aprilia50SRReplica - Horizontaler Zylinder -Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1995
Aprilia50SRReplica Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LC1995
Aprilia50SRUrban Kid - Horizontaler Zylinder -Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1995
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1996
Aprilia50SRHorizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1996
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1996
Aprilia50SRReplica - Horizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1996
Aprilia50SRReplica Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LC1996
Aprilia50SRStealth - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMR/LC1996
Aprilia50SRUrban Kid - Horizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1996
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRNetscaper - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRRacing Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1997
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRReplica Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LC1997
Aprilia50SRStealth - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1997
Aprilia50SRUrban Kid - Horizontaler Zylinder - Minarelli Motor 2T ACMR/LF1997
Aprilia50SRWWW - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1997
Aprilia50SRHoriz.Zyl. - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRNetscaper - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRRacing Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1998
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRStealth - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1998
Aprilia50SRWWW - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1998
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1999
Aprilia50SRRacing Horizontaler Zylinder 2T LCMZ1999
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1999
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1999
Aprilia50SRSport - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA1999
Aprilia50SRStealth - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ1999
Aprilia50SRWWW - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY1999
Aprilia50SRBlue Star - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ2000
Aprilia50SRFunmaster 2T LCRLA2000
Aprilia50SRMinarelli Motor 2T LCMZ2000
Aprilia50SRRacing - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2000
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY2000
Aprilia50SRReplica - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZA2000
Aprilia50SRSport - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2000
Aprilia50SRStealth - Minarelli Motor 2T LCMZ2000
Aprilia50SRWWW - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY2000
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2001
Aprilia50SRDitech Replica SBK 2T LCRLB102001
Aprilia50SRDitech Sport - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2001
Aprilia50SRFunmaster 2T LCRLA2001
Aprilia50SRRacing - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2001
Aprilia50SRSport - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2001
Aprilia50SRWWW - Minarelli Motor 2T ACLY2001
Aprilia50SRDitech - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLD2002
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2002
Aprilia50SRDitech Replica SBK 2T LCRLB102002
Aprilia50SRDitech Sport - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2002
Aprilia50SRMorini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2002
Aprilia50SRRacing - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2002
Aprilia50SRSport - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2002
Aprilia50SRDitech - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLD2003
Aprilia50SRDitech - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2003
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2003
Aprilia50SRDitech Sport - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCZD4RLB/ZD4RLE2003
Aprilia50SRFunmaster 2T LCTEA2003
Aprilia50SRMorini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2003
Aprilia50SRRacing - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2003
Aprilia50SRSport - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2003
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2003
Aprilia50SRDitech - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLD2004
Aprilia50SRDitech - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2004
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2004
Aprilia50SRDitech Sport - Morini/Suzuki Motor 2T LCRLB/RLE2004
Aprilia50SRFunmaster 2T LCTEA2004
Aprilia50SRRacing - Morini/Suzuki Vergaser Motor 2T LCRLA2004
Aprilia50SRSport - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2004
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2004
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2005
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2005
Aprilia50SRFunmaster 2T LCTEA2005
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2005
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2005
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2005
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2006
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2006
Aprilia50SRGP1 - Piaggio Ditech Motor 2T LC2006
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2006
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2006
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2006
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2007
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2007
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2007
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2007
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2007
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2008
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2008
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2008
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2008
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2008
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2009
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2009
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2009
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2009
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2009
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2010
Aprilia50SRDitech Racing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2010
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2010
Aprilia50SRRacing - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFD2010
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2010
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2011
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2011
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2011
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2012
Aprilia50SRFactory R 2T LC2012
Aprilia50SRMotard ACLBMC2012
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2012
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2012
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2013
Aprilia50SRMotard ACLBMC2013
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2013
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2013
Aprilia50SRDitech R Factory - Piaggio Motor 2T LCVFB2014
Aprilia50SRMotard ACLBMC2014
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2014
Aprilia50SRStreet - Piaggio Motor 2T LCTEA2014
Aprilia50SRMotard AC2015
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2015
Aprilia50SRR 2T LCVFD2016
Aprilia50SX PVA2006
Aprilia50SX PVA2007
Aprilia50SX PVA2008
Aprilia50SX PVE2009
Aprilia50SX PVE2010
Aprilia50SX PVL/PVM2011
Aprilia50SX PVL/PVM2012
Aprilia50SX SWA2013
Aprilia50SX SWA2014
Aprilia50SX 2015
Aprilia50SX 2016
Aprilia50Tuareg 1984
Aprilia50Tuareg 1985
Aprilia50Tuareg 1986
Aprilia50Tuareg 1987
Aprilia50Tuareg 1988
Aprilia50Tuareg 1989
Aprilia50Tuareg 1990
Aprilia50Tuareg 1991
Aprilia50Tuareg 1992
Aprilia50Tuareg 1997
Aprilia50Tuareg 1998
Aprilia50Tuareg 1999
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2003
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2004
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2005
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2006
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2007
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2008
Aprilia50Tuono 2T LCSEA/TSA/TSC2009
Aprilia50Wind 1988
Aprilia50Wind 1989
Aprilia50Wind 1990
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T1990
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T1991
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T1992
Aprilia100Scarabeo 2TREA0/ RE002000
Aprilia100Scarabeo 2TREA0/ RE002001
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4TSA000/VA0002001
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4TSA000/VA0002002
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4TSA000/VA0002003
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4TSA000/VA0002004
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2006
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2007
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2008
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2009
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2010
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2011
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2012
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2013
Aprilia100Scarabeo 4T2014
Aprilia125AF1 1985
Aprilia125AF1 1986
Aprilia125AF1 1987
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1988
Aprilia125AF1Futura 1988
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1988
Aprilia125AF1Sintesi 1988
Aprilia125AF1Super Sport 1988
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1989
Aprilia125AF1Futura 1989
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1989
Aprilia125AF1Sintesi 1989
Aprilia125AF1Super Sport 1989
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1990
Aprilia125AF1Futura FM1990
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1990
Aprilia125AF1Sintesi 1990
Aprilia125AF1Super Sport 1990
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1991
Aprilia125AF1Futura FM1991
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1991
Aprilia125AF1Sintesi 1991
Aprilia125AF1Sport Pro FM1991
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1992
Aprilia125AF1Futura 1992
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1992
Aprilia125AF1Sintesi 1992
Aprilia125AF1Sport Pro FM1992
Aprilia125AF1Europa 2T LC1993
Aprilia125AF1Extrema 1993
Aprilia125AF1Futura 1993
Aprilia125AF1Replica 1993
Aprilia125AF1Sport 1993
Aprilia125AF1Sport Pro FM1993
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSP02002
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSP02003
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSP02004
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSP02005
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2006
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2007
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2008
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2009
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2010
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2011
Aprilia125Atlantic 4TSPD2012
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF1995
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF1996
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF1997
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF1998
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF1999
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF2000
Aprilia125Classic 2T LCMF2001
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2009
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2010
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2011
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2012
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2013
Aprilia125CompayCustom 2014
Aprilia125ETX 1984
Aprilia125ETX 1985
Aprilia125ETX 1986
Aprilia125ETX 1987
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1988
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1989
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1990
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1991
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1992
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1993
Aprilia125ETX 2T LC1994
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH1995
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH1996
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH1997
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH1998
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH1999
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH2000
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH2001
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH2002
Aprilia125ETX 2T LCPH2003
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0001999
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0101999
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002000
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102000
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002001
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102001
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002002
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102002
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002003
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102003
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002004
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102004
Aprilia125Habana 4TPM0002005
Aprilia125HabanaCustom 4TPM0102005
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0001995
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0001996
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0001997
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0001998
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0301999
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0302000
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0602001
Aprilia125LeonardoST 4T LCTB002001
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCMB0602002
Aprilia125LeonardoST 4T LCTB002002
Aprilia125LeonardoST 4T LCTB002003
Aprilia125LeonardoST 4T LCTB002004
Aprilia125LeonardoST 4T LCTB002005
Aprilia125Leonardo 4T LCTB2006
Aprilia125Mojito 4TPM0002002
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TPM0002002
Aprilia125Mojito 4TRY0002003
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TRY0102003
Aprilia125Mojito 4TRY0002004
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TRY0102004
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TRY0102005
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TRY0102006
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TRY0102007
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TSZA002008
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TSZA002009
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TSZA002010
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TSZA002011
Aprilia125MojitoCustom 4TSZA002012
Aprilia125MX 1984
Aprilia125MX 1985
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002004
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002005
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002006
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002007
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002008
Aprilia125MXSuper Moto 2T LCTZ002009
Aprilia125Pegaso ET1988
Aprilia125Pegaso 1989
Aprilia125Pegaso 1990
Aprilia125Pegaso 1991
Aprilia125Pegaso 1992
Aprilia125Pegaso 1993
Aprilia125Pegaso 1994
Aprilia125Pegaso 1995
Aprilia125Pegaso 1996
Aprilia125Pegaso 1997
Aprilia125Pegaso 1998
Aprilia125Pegaso 1999
Aprilia125QuasarATV 2002
Aprilia125QuasarATV 2003
Aprilia125QuasarATV 2004
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1988
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1989
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1990
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1991
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1992
Aprilia125Red Rose 2T LCAE1993
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1994
Aprilia125Red Rose AE1995
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE1995
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE1996
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE1997
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE1998
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE1999
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE2000
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE2001
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE2002
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE2003
Aprilia125Red RoseClassic AE2004
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS1991
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS1992
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS1993
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS1994
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS/MP1995
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS/MP1996
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS/MP1997
Aprilia125RS 2T LCGS/MP1998
Aprilia125RS 2T LCMP1999
Aprilia125RS 2T LCMP2000
Aprilia125RS 2T LCMP2001
Aprilia125RS 2T LCSF2002
Aprilia125RS 2T LCSF2003
Aprilia125RS 2T LCSF2004
Aprilia125RS 2T LCSF2005
Aprilia125RS 2T LCRD/RM2006
Aprilia125RS 2T LCRD/RM2007
Aprilia125RS 2T LCRD/RM2008
Aprilia125RS 2T LCRD/RM2009
Aprilia125RS 2T LCPYA002010
Aprilia125RS 2T LCPYA002011
Aprilia125RS 2T LCPYA002012
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002010
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002011
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002012
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002013
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002014
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002015
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002016
Aprilia125RS4 4TTW0002017
Aprilia125RX 1985
Aprilia125RX 1986
Aprilia125RX 1987
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1988
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1989
Aprilia125RX 2T LCGF1990
Aprilia125RX 2T LCGF1991
Aprilia125RX 2T LCGF1992
Aprilia125RX 2T LCGF1993
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1994
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1995
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1996
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1997
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1998
Aprilia125RX 2T LC1999
Aprilia125RX 2T LC2000
Aprilia125RX 2T LC2001
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002008
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002009
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002010
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002011
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002012
Aprilia125RX 2T LCRVA002013
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TPC1999
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TPC1999
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TPC2000
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TPC2000
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TPC2001
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TPC2001
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TSD/PC2002
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TSD/PC2002
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TTD2003
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TTD2003
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4TTD2004
Aprilia125ScarabeoTouring GT 4TTD2004
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2005
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2005
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2006
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2006
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2007
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2007
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2008
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2008
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2009
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2009
Aprilia125Scarabeo 4T2010
Aprilia125ScarabeoGT 4T2010
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2004
Aprilia125Sportcity4V 4TVB0002004
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4T2004
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2005
Aprilia125Sportcity4V 4TVB0002005
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4T2005
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2006
Aprilia125Sportcity4V 4TVB0002006
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4T2006
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2007
Aprilia125Sportcity4V 4TVB0022007
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4T2007
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2008
Aprilia125Sportcity4V 4TVB0022008
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4T2008
Aprilia125SportcityOne 4TSG0002008
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2009
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4TVBE002009
Aprilia125SportcityOne 4TSG0002009
Aprilia125Sportcity 4T2010
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4TVBE002010
Aprilia125SportcityOne 4TSG0002010
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4TVBE002011
Aprilia125SportcityOne 4TSG0002011
Aprilia125SportcityCube 4TVBE002012
Aprilia125SportcityOne 4TSG0002012
Aprilia125SR ZD PXA001999
Aprilia125SRRacing ZD PXA001999
Aprilia125SR ZD PXA002000
Aprilia125SRRacing ZD PXA002000
Aprilia125SR ZD PXA002001
Aprilia125SRRacing ZD PXA002001
Aprilia125SR ZD PXA002002
Aprilia125SRRacing ZD PXA002002
Aprilia125SRMax iePM3572011
Aprilia125SRMax iePM3572012
Aprilia125SRMotard LBMM72012
Aprilia125SRMax iePM3572013
Aprilia125SRMotard LBMM72013
Aprilia125SRMax iePM3572014
Aprilia125SRMotard LBMM72014
Aprilia125SRMax iePM3572015
Aprilia125SRMotard LBMM72015
Aprilia125STStrada 1983
Aprilia125STX 1982
Aprilia125STX 1984
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002008
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002009
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002010
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002011
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002012
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002013
Aprilia125SX 2T LCRV0002014
Aprilia125TC 1985
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1984
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1985
Aprilia125TuaregWind 1985
Aprilia125Tuareg 2T LC1986
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1986
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1986
Aprilia125Tuareg 2T LC1987
Aprilia125TuaregFreno Disco 2T LC1987
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1987
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1987
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1988
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1988
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1989
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1989
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1990
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1990
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1991
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1991
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1992
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1992
Aprilia125TuaregRally 2T LC1993
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1993
Aprilia125TuaregRally 1994
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1994
Aprilia125TuaregWind 2T LC1995
Aprilia125Tuono 2T LC2003
Aprilia125Tuono 2T LC2004
Aprilia125Tuono 2T LC2005
Aprilia125Tuono 2T LC2006
Aprilia125Tuono 2T LC2007
Aprilia125TX 1985
Aprilia125TX 1986
Aprilia150Atlantic 4T
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LC1996
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LCMBA001997
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LCMBA001998
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LCMBA201999
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LCMBA202000
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LC2001
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LC2002
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LC2003
Aprilia150Leonardo 4T LC2004
Aprilia150Mojito 4T2003
Aprilia150Mojito 4T2004
Aprilia150Mojito 4T2005
Aprilia150Mojito 4T2006
Aprilia150Mojito 4T2007
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T1999
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T1999
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2000
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2000
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2001
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2001
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2002
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2002
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2003
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2003
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2004
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2004
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2005
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2005
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2006
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2006
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2007
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2007
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2008
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2008
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2009
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2009
Aprilia150Scarabeo 4T2010
Aprilia150ScarabeoGT 4T2010
Aprilia150SR 1999
Aprilia150SR 2000
Aprilia150SR 2001
Aprilia150SR 2002
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2003
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2004
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2005
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2006
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2007
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2008
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2009
Aprilia200Atlantic 4TSP2010
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD1999
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD2000
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD2001
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD2002
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD2003
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4TSD2004
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4T2005
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4T2006
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4T2007
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4T2008
Aprilia200Scarabeo 4T2009
Aprilia200Sportcity 2004
Aprilia200Sportcity 4T2004